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How To Be Beautiful in 30 Days – eBook



A lot of women might have believed having glowing skin, being beautiful in a charming and incredibly attractive way, can be financially draining, overwhelming, and frustrating. But not the author of this book, who provides the answers you need in very simple ways. If you have ever wondered why we can’t all be deliberately beautiful, have glowing skin, and enjoy a healthy life, then you need not be troubled anymore. These concerns are at the core of this incredible and stirring book, HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL IN 30 DAYS.

Providing relatively easy steps meant just for you, this book does not only answer in great detail the most important questions you have been asking about the human physical rituals of possessing beauty, but its author is honest enough to tell you to also try to possess internal beauty.

More interesting is the fact that there are practical steps in the book to guide you through your journey. HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL IN 30 DAYS teaches you how to be beautiful and live a healthy life as a woman by outlining 30 ways with practical steps for you to explore from learning how to enjoy your beauty sleep, your greens and smoothies, drinking water, eating fruits daily, brushing and taking care of your teeth, eating good foods, sharing pictures and having fun on social media, reading good books, seeing new and exciting places, a good bath, tea; to keeping good people around you, a job that aligns with your passion and goals, a smile on your face daily, an attractive hair and a healthy eating pattern.

It also headlines some of the best ways you can have regular facials, regular exercises, regular massage, regular shaving, regular manicure and pedicure, regular exfoliation, regular sunscreen, a skincare routine best on your skin type, a fashion style based on your body type. It doesn’t stop there. It teaches you how to detox and cleanse your skin, know how to use beauty products, facial and body oils, and how to avoid excess sugar, alcohol, and smoking.

Written specifically for women of all ages, statuses, and preferences, this book promises to be a clean and easy start for you. The secrets to beauty and glowing skin it reveals are known to just a few privileged people. You can be one of the privileged ones.

5 reviews for How To Be Beautiful in 30 Days

  1. Idia L.

    Recommended this to all my girlfriends
    I absolutely love this book. It’s an amazing read and so glad I purchased it. It gives you a lot of tips on how to stay healthy and young while staying right on budget.

    I have recommended this to all my girlfriends so I am not the only one with amazing tips on how to stay beautiful 😉
    I highly recommend this book to all women out there! Hurry get yours now before it sells out!

    Happy Customer 🙂

  2. Aurelia N.

    Great book, an absolute page Turner.
    This is such a great book with a befitting title. It made me realize I have been making many mistakes when it comes to my beauty regimen. I put off doing many beauty routines due to time constraints, but through this book, I have learnt some quick and easy tips. I strongly recommend this book.

  3. Emem I.

    Great read
    I couldn’t drop this book once I started reading. Yes, it is that good. I love how the author covered all aspects of beauty, from skin to hair, health and more. I’ll be buying 2 copies as gift for my sister and niece.

  4. Ada I.

    Definitely worth the read
    This book is definitely amazing. I love the fact that it grabs your attention from the beginning. I love the idea it focussed on all-around beauty. I also must add, the
    picture quality is beautiful. Definitely worth the read.

  5. Nadine E.

    Be beautiful and remain beautiful without breaking the bank.
    Everyone’s desire is to feel and look beautiful, whether it is when you are going to work, to church, to the gym, or hangouts with your buddies. That sense of feeling great about YOU is everyone’s secret obsession, even though most people do not talk about it.

    How to be beautiful in 30 days talks about 30 AMAZING ways of how we can be beautiful and remain beautiful without breaking the bank.

    My favorite chapter is “Chapter 21 FASHIONNNNNNN”.
    I love, and I love to look good and this chapter goes further to buttress my point on anyone’s journey to being beautiful.

    I would recommend this book to everyone. The world needs more beautiful people in it.

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